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Smile Analysis


Everyone longs for a beautiful smile. Considering how it affects how you look and contributes to your overall attractiveness and demeanor, smile aesthetics is something many people put a premium on. More than looks, a healthy and glowing smile also adds to a better sense of self through boosted self-confidence and wellbeing. While some are fortunate, not all have a winning beam they can be proud of. Cosmetic dentistry becomes necessary in some cases, and this is when a smile analysis becomes all the more necessary.

A smile analysis is the first step in planning a cosmetic procedure or complete smile makeover. It involves various steps to ensure formulation of the most effective treatment plan that meets all goals. Analyses normally involve taking measurements of not only teeth, but the lips, gums, and other oral structures as well. The evaluation of all these components will help determine necessary or recommended treatments. Some of the biggest factors considered in smile analyses include the following.

Facial and Teeth Symmetry

Aesthetically pleasing smiles are all about balance. There’s always great emphasis on the center line of the face, and most aim to achieve or at least project the illusion of symmetry. The alignment of the two front teeth is normally the primary goal, as symmetry in length, size, and shape of the two makes it easier to project the same for the rest of the teeth. Symmetry also involves measurement of the smile line, horizontal alignment, smile width, and gum line among many other things.


Nothing says healthy and beautiful better than a set of gleaming teeth in the same shade of white. Our comprehensive smile analyses will determine if discoloration is treatable through teeth whitening, or if you will need veneers for a better look.

These are just two of the biggest components to smile analyses your local cosmetic dentist in Indianapolis will look at. Schedule your appointment today to learn what we can do to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. As qualified specialists for veneers and Invisalign in Indianapolis, we provide solutions that will get you on the path to healthier and more beautiful teeth.