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Patient Stories


ToriePlay Now
They know who I am even if I don’t remember their name they remember my name and it’s almost like Cheers the bar everybody knows your name type of thing. It’s very friendly and everyone’s happy to see you and it’s just a friendly place and you can tell they have fun here and I like coming to a dentist where I know the employees like coming here just as much as I do.


MikePlay Now
Dr. Singh is incredibly competent and that was initially why I started to come here and it built up over time and I trust him. That’s why I keep coming back because he’s good at what he does, I trust what he does.


LeveniaPlay Now
I don’t think I’ll go to another dentist It’s just soothing coming to a warm place. Very happy with their work, I wouldn’t keep coming back and I love how my smile looks, it’s a lot different than what it was five months ago and I love it.

John II

JohnPlay Now
The hygienists and those who take x-rays, they are very detailed and you just can’t beat the team here Dr. Singh has and that’s what they are, they’re a team.

John I

JohnPlay Now
It’s nice to know that he’s very skilled and also very easy to work with and for me I think it’s also through the staff. It’s not a situation where you’re feeling like you’re entering into a stress zone. Nobody likes to be poked and prodded and drilled on but I think when you have the opportunity to be relaxed just through conversation and through and element of a personality that let’s you be very open to ask questions, very open to even laugh a little, I think that puts you at ease.


GeraldPlay Now
It’s very friendly when you walk in the door, they greet you and treat you nice and Dr. Singh has a very good sense of humor. The total atmosphere is good.


CatherinePlay Now
The staff is friendly, Dr. Singh is very friendly. They know me and my family, we all come here, my children like to come here so it’s not hard to get them to come to the dentist.


BrianPlay Now
It’s a place I was looking for for myself and my family to collectively come and be apart and I’ve found it to be very unique and a friendly environment.


AmandaPlay Now
It takes me about 30 minutes to get here and it’s worth it to me. I feel like they’re friends of mine, they always remember me. Dr. Singh is awesome.