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I can’t chew some foods

If your dentures are giving you problems, like sores or ill-fit, we may recommend getting dental implants instead. Dental implants are more permanent solutions to missing teeth. They also look and feel natural; you’ll feel you didn’t lose a tooth at all!

There are different options for dental implants: traditional implants, mini-implants, and other more innovative procedures like Teeth-in-a-day. Whichever is best for you, you’ll soon discover they’re low-maintenance than removable dentures.

Not everyone is eligible for implants, though. You must have good jawbone structure and healthy teeth and gums. For those suffering from bone loss, however, dentists may recommend mini-implants. Patients must also commit to good oral hygiene to keep their implants in good condition. You may also have to give up vices like smoking to avoid damaging the implants.

Other than improving your oral health, implants may also improve speech. With removable dentures, there’s always the fear that the false teeth may slip resulting to mumbled or slurred words. With permanent implants, it’s just like you’ve gained a new set of teeth!

If you lost a tooth due to accidents or poor dental health, we offer the right solutions for you. Our clinic may offer tooth repair, replacements, and restoration you need. Dental implants even improve the general appearance of your smile.

Call or visit us today to learn more about dental implants and how they may help improve your life.